Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reflective Essay/Post

Fall 2013 EME 2040

 Overall Personal Reflection

Throughout this semester I feel that I have grown both personally and professionally. I have a better understanding of what it takes to become and e-teacher in today’s teaching world. I currently do not know if I will want to continue my education in the teaching field but do know that the materials that I have learned and practiced have become very useful in my current career. I feel that the content within this class was presented in a thorough way and that many valuable experiences have come from this class. This class has a lot of content though and I found it sometimes difficult to absorb all the content in a useful way. I found myself struggling sometimes flipping through pages of notes to remember how something was done or how something works. I used a lot of trial and error and felt that I definitely spent a great deal of time on each project. This class may be better absorbed if it was a two day class spread over the course of the week. For students that are a little savvier on computers it was probably easier for them.

I have a better understanding of the necessity of becoming an e-teacher. With all of the new technologies and resources presented to today’s youth it would be very difficult for a teacher to be successful without integrating technology into their daily planning. I also feel that it is important for the teacher fully understand the latest technologies so that they can continue to manage their classroom accordingly. It’s a necessity that the teacher continue to learn so that he or she can continually challenge students in new and innovative ways and stay organized within their classroom.

Classmate Interactions

Being one of the oldest in the class I found it a little difficult to fully interact sometimes. However, I have made a few friendships with some of my closest table-mates. I learned that sometimes not all students attending college have the same drive as others and I learned that not all students take as much pride or responsibility for their work or portions of collaborative projects. It did get frustrating sometimes, but it just reminded me of how some students in our classes may feel during class projects. I think that collaborative work is important because it teaches tolerance, teamwork, and builds relationships. I also learned through this that even though a collaborative project is done as a group the teacher/Professor must grade accordingly.  
Even with the frustrations I truly did enjoy the two projects that we did collaboratively. The Collaborative lesson plan was much easier because we were able to meet together and verbally bounce ideas off each other and create our plan of attack. The Wiki was a bit more difficult because of the non-verbal interaction and waiting to hear back from our group to complete a task. Also with the Wiki each individual was responsible for a portion of the project and not all of us had the same level of creativity.

Learning Outcomes

As mentioned above the learning content was powerful. A lot of materials were presented and a lot of work was done within this class. Each project taught me patience, creativity, dedication, and perseverance.

Below I have expressed my feelings on some of the projects within this class:

Collaborative Lesson Plan
This project allowed me to better understand how a real classroom lesson plan is to be developed while incorporating technology not only to develop it but to include for the students. I was able to explore many different resources while searching for content relevant to the topic. I was also introduced to the Florida Sunshine Standards.

Wow, what a great tool for teachers and students alike. I really enjoyed exploring the hundreds of resources developed by teachers. Reviewing some of these assisted me with the development of my own. Although it was a bit challenging at first I was able to understand it after some trial and error.

This was by far my favorite project! I spent several days and hours on this but actually had fun with it. I enjoyed the freedom to be creative along with using a new technology tool for me. I am excited to use this as a resource for me to build on in the future. I may even create a classroom website for our After School or Preschool classrooms at the YMCA. I feel that I really grasped the educational components and topics of this project.

This project was a little difficult for my group to complete collaboratively but I did like the idea of the overall web tool. I think that this could be used in many facets of my current position. It can be utilized within a classroom or for a resource tool. It was fairly simple to use but did not allow for as much creativity as a regular website.

In conclusion
I loved this class despite the workload. I am also excited to have the book to utilize in the future as a resource guide when developing lesson plans in whichever career I maintain or achieve. Regardless, I plan to continue working with children in some capacity and know feel comfortable integrating technology through new ways!


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  1. It really is good to hear of both professional and personal growth as I think effective learning experiences involve both - perhaps the reflective piece helps to bring that out a bit more. I also like to see the emphasis on classmate interaction - like it or not we are in an age of connection and collaboration and we need to learn to do it well. Thanks for taking a leadership role throughout the semester - it was valued. And, finally, the use of technology - it is awesome to see the enthusiasm you had after so many classes - the lights in your eyes gave away all of that brain working to apply the concepts for your current job. You would be a great teacher, but even if you don't go into the profession, you will be teaching every day!